The Newport Karate Centre

Welcome to The Newport Karate Centre, providing Traditional Shotokan Karate-Do training at affordable prices.

TheNKC Open Night 29th April 2019 at Maindee Primary School

We are moving from Alway Community Centre to Maindee Primary School from Monday 29th April 2019, we would like to invite all students and guardians to a 30 minute open session to present our club and the services we can offer existing, new and past members. So are you thinking of rejoining us, if so please come along, have a tea/coffee on us and see what we can offer, you will not be disappointed.


WTKF & WKGB (member) Affiliated
under Sensei Masao Kawasoe, 8th Dan JKAWF.

‘The Newport Karate Centre’ is a friendly and professionally operated Shotokan karate club established by Sensei's David Lloyd & Kerry Straeker to promote traditional Shotokan Karate-Do training in Newport.

class & other services we offer

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Class’s for child students
8 to 12 years


Class’s for students
13 to 70 year old’s

Your 1st 2 lessons are on US, so what are you waiting for!!

about us

Training for Everyone!

Founded with three specific goals in mind:

Firstly: provide training at an affordable price without sacrificing the quality of training.
Secondly: practice and teach Traditional based Shotokan Karate-Do focusing on Kihon, Kata & Kumite.
Thirdly: no waivers or disclaimers, no contracts, no silly gimmicks and no hidden fee’s.

Jointly run by Sensei’s David Lloyd & Kerry Straeker, ‘The Newport Karate Centre’ known as ‘TheNKC’ now has over 40 years of experience to draw from, has achieved the 3 founding goals and provides students with a friendly and professionally run club offering traditional based Shotokan Karate-Do allowing students to get and stay fit whilst studying karate.

TheNKC is a members only fully insured club, visitors must be signed in by a valid member in order to train with the club, the club also caters for all people from all walks of life and currently have students ranging from 8 to 70 years of age.

All our Instructors are fully insured, DBS checked, completed NSPCC courses in Child Safety & Welfare and have been trained and graded by sanctioned JKAWF trained Instructors.

Your 1st 2 lessons are FREE, so what are you waiting for?

class & other services we offer

Club Facilities

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Aged between 8 and 70 and want to learn traditional Shotokan Karate-Do, or simply want to get & keep fit learning Karate
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Classes run Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights catering for Junior, Youngster and Adult groups, with varying times to suit each group
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Training Centres

Two Centre's, Monday & Thursday held at Alway Community Centre and Tuesdays at the Beaufort Community Centre
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Class & Grading Prices


New to Karate
All new students are required to undertake and complete a 10 x 1 hour lesson Introduction course to Karate, price also includes 1st year TNKC club membership (with Licence) to ‘The Newport Karate Centre’, please see our price table here.
10 Lesson Plan


8 to 12 year old's
Annual TNKC License £20
Grading Fee £20 per grade
Grading held every 4 months
(minimum 26 Lessons)
You must have a valid TNKC licence to be able to grade for your next belt.
Save with our *
Continuous Monthly Plan


13 to 16 & 16 to 70 year old's
Annual WTKF License £20
Grading Fee £25 per grade
Annual TNKC License £20
Grading Fee £20 per grade
Grading held every 4 months
(minimum 26 Lessons)
You must have either a valid WTKF or TNKC licence to be able to grade for your next belt.
Save with our *
Continuous Monthly Plan
*Our Continuous Monthly Plan is designed to allow students to train twice a week for the whole month at a fixed cost, you must pay this at the beginning of each month either in cash or by standing order (preferred) throughout your membership.
NEW Junior, Youngster & Senior Students without any previous experience are required to complete a 10 x 1 hour lesson introduction to karate course which includes 1st year TNKC license membership (with Licence), once completed they will require a Gi (white karate uniform), belt (correct grade colour) and a WTKF(JKAWF) or ‘TheNKC’ Record book with Valid Licence in order to Train & Grade. JKAWF(WTKF) or ‘TheNKC’ Licenses are payable on a yearly basis please see our price table above in this section.

club instructors

TheNKC Instructors

Sensei David Lloyd

Joint Chief Instructor - 2nd Dan JKA
David is co-founder and joint Instructor of ‘The Newport Karate Centre’ with Kerry Straeker, David was awarded both his 1st (Sho) Dan and 2nd (Ni) Dan under the critical eye of Sensei Masao Kawasoe 7th Dan JKAWF.

Sensei Kerry Straeker

Joint Chief Instructor - 2nd Dan JKA
Kerry started karate in 1972 at the Exeter Shotokan Karate Club, Devon, Under Sensei Dave Collacott, and is co-founder and joint Instructor of ‘The Newport Karate Centre’ with David Lloyd, Kerry was awarded his 1st (Sho) Dan & 2nd (Ni) Dan by Sensei Masao Kawasoe 7th Dan JKAWF.


Thank-you to all of our Sponsors

Thanks to all our sponsors who give so generously, their continued help and support of the club and all it’s members is as always greatly appreciated.

Join ‘The Newport Karate Centre’ Today!

With NO contracts or hidden fee’s, JKAWF trained instructors, family friendly & welcoming club atmosphere, why wait? and don’t forget your 1st 2 sessions are FREE.


Location of 'The Newport Karate Centre' Dojo's

Alway Community Centre Dojo

Monday & Thursday
Alway Community Centre
Aberthaw Ave, Newport, NP19 9NS
Telephone 01633 277307

Juniors 6pm to 7:30pm
Youngster/Seniors 6pm to 7:30pm
Black/Brown Belts 6pm to 8pm

Beaufort Community Centre Dojo

Beaufort Community Centre
Beaufort Rd, St Julians, Newport, NP19 7UB
Telephone 01633 214506

Juniors 7pm to 8:30pm
Youngster/Seniors 7pm to 8:30pm
Black/Brown Belts 7pm to 9pm

contact us

Contact Page

With JKAWF trained Instructors, a Family friendly and professionally run club, with no waivers, disclaimers, gimmicks and your 1st 2 lessons FREE!


0845 527 1806



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